OVERdrive-IRC originally began around 2013 as a series of channels chained together by a relay bot. The idea behind this was to make it convenient to join our community from different networks, but we later grew into our own IRC network.

This network was founded in January 2014 and presently serves both North America and Europe.


Currently, we employ modern IRC solutions such as InspIRCd (source) and a slightly modified version of Atheme IRC Services.

Some of the services we provide include ChanServ, NickServ, HostServ, and MemoServ.

OVERdrive-IRC is currently also the canonical network for PyLink IRC Services, a next-generation relay daemon + services package written from scratch.


Since we're an IRC network, the best way to contact us is via IRC! (obviously)

If you want to get in touch, join #Help on our network or send the staff a memo.

/msg MemoServ send !staff <your message>

E-mail Inquiries

If the method on the does not work for you, please send your inquiries to:


Staff List

Name Location Role Website Bio
dan- Brisbane, Australia Network Operator ircdocs.horse I write software/specs, and help out where I can
ere Northwest Florida, USA Network Operator
Certified mIRC Cop™
N/A "idk"
Jordan Vancouver, Canada Administrator of galactic.overdrivenetworks.com xcln.org
GLolol Vancouver, Canada Network Founder
Administrator of millennium.overdrivenetworks.com
Lead IRC Developer
overdrivenetworks.com overdrive-irc's supreme leadernetwork owner. He maintains this website and writes code as a hobby.
Kitty Southwest Florida, USA Administrator of na.hub ki.tty.sh Kitty is cool and helps to host the network for us! He's been on IRC for 5 years and has experience running IRC servers for 4, and now he just kinda idles and makes sure things work.
voidsta N/A Administrator of starblaster.overdrivenetworks.com N/A