This page details our general requirements for hardlinked IRC servers. It does NOT cover our policies for Relay links, which are decided on a case by case basis.

Please note that IRC is an unpredictable environment - although DDoS attacks are rare in our community, we discourage links if your server provider has rules such as suspending your account on any sort of DDoS attack.

Prospective servers should:
  • Be owned and administrated by a trusted member of the community.
    We are not looking for drive-by links from strangers!
  • Have automatable SSH access via public keys - This is required our for configuration syncing system.
  • Be hosted on a reliable machine with a static IP address.
  • Be hosted on a machine with the following ports free: 6667-6669, 6697-6699, 9998-9999.
    Our default link ports are 7000-7001, but these can be adjusted if you need them for something else.
  • Be hosted on a provider that actually allows IRC in their ToS.
    (double-check this because we don't want to screw you over!)
  • Be able to install the latest copy of - Installation instructions are in the repository README.
  • Respond to ping / traceroute.
    We use this for diagnostic purposes, as well as determining the best uplink(s) for a server. Please don't make our lives harder!
Prospective servers should NOT:
  • Be hosted on any sort of residential connection.
  • Be hosted on a free shell/VPS service†.
  • Be hosted on a game console, laptop, toaster, etc... RPis and non-x86 boxes on a dedicated connection are totally cool though!
  • Be located in a city / area where servers already exist† - check /links for up to date server information.
  • Be linked just so the server owner can gain operator privileges.

† Limited exceptions may apply.

Additional Info