overdrivenetworks PyLink AUP


The current administrator of pylink.overdrivenetworks.com is James (james@overdrivenetworks.com).

Content and Moderation

  1. Networks are expected to stay vigilant against abuse and not harbour users who actively harass, inflame, or threaten others.
  2. Network operators should stay vigilant against attempts to evade bans via relay networks.
  3. DDoS, extortion, and other threats should be dealt with seriously, with perpetrators to be removed on a best effort basis.
  4. Harassment and illegal activity are forbidden across the PyLink network. Networks may be delinked immediately if found to contravene this policy or harbour users doing so.

Network Operations

  1. Operators must not register channels belonging to other networks on theirs (via ChanServ, etc.) without prior permission from the target network. In any case, doing so is not recommended due to potentially causing MODE conflicts.
  2. Operators must either disable services-side session limit enforcement or set it to use G/Z-lines instead of KILL. Should a large amount of kills be directed at PyLink clients, the service will automatically disconnect.
  3. #pylink-staff should be linked on every participating network, with active network operators present. This channel is where discussion involving new links, scheduled maintenance, etc. take place. Should a network's administration be unresponsive for an extended period, they may be delinked at the links administrator's discretion.
  4. Private information such as relay user data and discussions in #pylink-staff are to remain private. Policies against data leaks, unintentional or otherwise, will be enforced on a 3-strikes basis.