Server List

To access the network, point your IRC client to This will automatically redirect you to a random server in our round robin.

Both IPv4 and IPv6 are both supported with this address. Currently, all servers listen on ports 6667-6669, 9998 (plaintext) and 6697-6699, 9999 (TLS).

Note: For a verified TLS connection, use (NA) or (EU) to connect!

Tor-SASL Gateway

We also operate a Tor-SASL gateway on overdriab4fsj7fy.onion, serving ports 6667, 7000 (plain IRC), and 80 (webchat).

Server Hostname Location Region Server Sponsor(s) IPv4 IPv6
( )
Gravelines, France EU beto, GL Yes Yes
( )
Beauharnois, Quebec, Canada NA GL Yes Yes Fremont, California, United States NA james Yes Yes Frankfurt, Germany EU Jordan Yes Yes Warsaw, Poland EU moocow Yes Yes Atlanta, Georgia, United States NA Kitty Yes Yes